Urban Sophisticate of March

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Urban Sophistication and Me By Devon Wilson of DevSoul Band and Curvy Couture SA

Back in December, my childhood friend, Edward Bouldin, came to me and asked me to be a feature on a new site that he was working on entitled UrbanSophi.com. It was new in SA and I was unfamiliar but honored and humbled nonetheless as my friend had just taken a very cathartic interest in photography and wanted to work with me. Time escaped me and I found myself unable to link up with Ed at that particular time. However, I was determined to follow through with his request and extended myself again to make this happen.

When I think of urban sophistication, many things come to mind. With urban I think of the city and vivacious hustle and bustle of the streets and modern life. I think of now, present, in the moment, and in the midst of the electricity that flows between us all and that makes us simply go. Sophistication equates to the elegance, class, and esteem afforded by life works and possibly life experiences. To be sophisticated is to be mature and chic and to possess an aura of confidence and simplicity that makes a statement. When you put urban and sophistication together, you get a nice yin and yang, an edgy with delicate type vibe and I think that is a perfect way to describe me. Let me explain why.

I grew up an only child and my parents divorced when I was 3 years old. You can say that I was raised by a single mother, but not when I had a no nonsense grandmother, Mama, and a brigade of aunts and cousins that assisted in bringing me up on the Eastside of San Antonio. I was always an over achiever and my mother kept me active in church and school. I loved the right way of doing things, but I often questioned why everything had to be done by the book when the many trials and tribulations of life are not included as well. Thus, I’m taking life on a ride.

While exploring the depths of the world we live in, I also make sure to take time out to expose myself to the finer things in life. I consider myself a well-versed individual who appreciates the music of the hood all while covering the remains of your food with your napkin or placing of your knife across the edge of you plate to signify you are done. I live for hip-hop and bass and block parties as well as the works of Shakespeare and the French language and opera. There is a beautiful irony within such a contrast that is attractive to me, yet also keeps me balanced, real, and humbled. I am imperfectly striving for perfection in the midst of the defunct and I hope that my work in music, performing arts, and wherever God takes me will be enough to help change this world in which we live in. My image, my likeness that you see is just that, me. This is where my love for modeling comes in to play. My group, Curvy Couture Models SA, is not just about being a full figured woman in fancy clothes. It is about love of self and celebrating inner and outer beauty while gaining or maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul.

My band, DevSoul, is my conduit to other parts of the world. I hope to mend broken spirits and broken hearts one song at a time by singing about the real and raw emotions of life and love. My band is my lifeline. Sometimes I think their talents supersede their own understanding but I am blessed to have them, my friends, and family to support me and push me along this road. I will stay ubiquitous. I will stay urban. I will stay sophisticated.


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